Tri-color Prestained Protein Ladder

Product Information

Tri-color Prestained Protein Ladder

Catalog No : DIPM001-0500 | Pack Size : 0.5 mL

The Tri-color Prestained Protein Ladder is a combination of 10 pre-stained proteins with molecular weights from 6.5 to 270 kDa. The 10 recombinant proteins are covalently coupled with blue chromophore, while 2 orange bands at 30 kDa and 270 kDa and a green band at 52 kDa serve as reference bands. The Tri-color Prestained Protein Ladder keeps track of the size and separation ofproteins during SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, approximating protein size and validating Western transfer efficiency on PVDF, nylon, or nitrocellulose membranes.



62.5 mM Tris-H3PO4 (pH 7.5 at 25 °C), 1 mM EDTA, 2% SDS, 10 mM DTT, 1 mM NaN3, 33% glycerol.



3μl or 5μl per loading for clear  visualization during electrophoresis on 15-well or 10-well mini-gel, respectively. 2.5μl per well for general Western transferring.



The molecular weight of each protein (kDa) was measured against an unstained protein ladder in every electrophoresis condition. Additional data

should be considered for a more accurate adjustment.



·        Stable for up to 2 weeks at 25°C.

·        Stable for up to 3 months at 4°C.

·        Stable for up to 24 months at -20°C.